Cascade de Nyon – Stunning Waterfall 30 Minute Walk From Morzine

James | May 24th, 2021
cascade de nyon Morzine
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When you think of the French Alps, beautiful waterfalls with serene plunge pools aren’t generally the first thing that spring to mind. However, in Morzine we are lucky enough to have just that right on our doorstep. A short 30 minute riverside walk from the village center will get you to Cascade de Nyon and all it has to offer.

So if you fancy cooling off in an alpine waterfall in a beautiful setting then this easy walk should definitely be on your to do list.

How To Get There

Starting at The Farmhouse turn left out of the hotel and continue along until you reach the steps leading down to your left at the side of the bridge. Follow the road downhill and cross the road at the crossing by the Pompiers (fire station).  The path is now gravel and signposted for the waterfall and is called Chemin de Renard.

The path then follows alongside the river through lovely tranquil forest before reaching the car park for the Nyon lift. Take the track up to your right just before you reach the car park which will take you up to the waterfall.

The Waterfall

Cascade de Nyon sits at the bottom of a beautiful gorge which begins half way up the Nyon mountain. The water that feeds into the gorge flows all the way down from the summit and begins as snow melt during the spring. The waterfall itself is the last of the major rock features that the water passes through as it flows down towards the valley floor and joins the River Dranse.

The waterfall is 10m high and after periods of heavy rain the power of the water is immense. During the winter months it is not uncommon for the waterfall to freeze over completely.

cascade de nyon 2

Best Things To Do At Cascade de Nyon

Take it all in – As you walk up towards the waterfall and get your first glimpse of the falls, you will also see a path going up on your right. At the top of this short but steep path is a viewing platform that overlooks the plunge pool at the bottom of the falls. This platform offers a wonderful perspective of the water as it rushes down in front of you.

As you turn back on yourself the path continues up some steep steps at the top of which you will reach a lovely restaurant. Turning left immediately at the top of the steps and turning left again along the path just past the little wooden hut.

Follow this path for about 150m and you will reach a wooden bridge that passes over the summit of the waterfall offering a different view of the water as it rushes beneath you. Following this path and taking a left when you reach a section of raised wooden bridge will take you back down to the path back to Morzine.

the upper plunge pool at Cascade de Nyon

Swim – Swimming in a waterfall is a fantastic experience and one you’ll probably remember for a long time. The water here will be refreshingly cool, perfect for those hot summer days. You can swim in the lower pool at the bottom of the waterfall or in the upper pool accessed from the footbridge. The upper pool is shallower and calmer and is fed by a much smaller waterfall. When swimming in either pool it is important to keep an eye out for canyoners making their way down the gorge.

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Canyoning – The course that water has found down the mountain has caused natural erosion of the rock over thousands of years. This has fortunately created the perfect canyoning route. This activity is not for the faint hearted and the initial 45m abseil into the gorge sets the tone. You’ll  then be expertly guided down to the valley floor, jumping into natural rock pools, sliding down a series of waterfalls and swimming and scrambling in between each section. 

High Ropes Course – High above the path that leads to the waterfall and in the surrounding tree tops sits a high ropes course. There are zip lines that span the falls, ladder bridges and all manner of tree top obstacles to entertain those not scared of heights.

Get Some Refreshment – There is a wonderful restaurant alongside the waterfall where you can enjoy a spot of lunch or cool down with a refreshing drink or ice cream.

Getting back to town is as simple as retracing your steps and The Farmhouse is the perfect sanctuary to return to after a day of activities at the waterfall.

If You’d like to see more of our boutique hotel in Morzine then please click here.

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