How and Why You Should Visit Pointe de Nyon During The Summer

James | September 12th, 2021
Nyon platform overlooking at vallee de la manche

The obvious reason why you should visit Pointe de Nyon is the view, it’s simply breathtaking. The experience has also recently been enhanced by the addition of the new viewing platform which extends out from the mountainside offering a new perspective of the beautiful valleys below.

Although it may not be one for those afraid of heights (getting to the summit involves an open chairlift and the viewing platform is quite exposed), getting to Pointe de Nyon is a real adventure.

The journey encompasses a lovely riverside stroll, a ride in a telepherique, an open chairlift and a short but steep hike to the very summit of the mountain. The viewpoint at the top is also the perfect spot for a picnic so it’s well worth taking some supplies along.

Take A Stroll Through The Forest Following The River

Leaving the beautiful Farmhouse hotel you’ll want to take a left and follow the road round until you reach the bridge. Just before the bridge, take the flight of stairs down to your left and follow the road downhill until you reach the Pompiers station (Fire station).

Cross the road here and take the gravel path that follows the river along the Vallee de la Manche. The path meanders along with the river at a gentle incline until you reach the car park for the Nyon telecabine.

Just before the carpark, the path splits with a turning off to the right. If you take this right fork for around 150 meters you will come to the beautiful Cascade de Nyon waterfall which is well worth a visit. Back at the carpark you will see a glass covered escalator ascending out of the car park opposite you. Head for this and take the escalator up to the lift station.

A Ride In A Telepherique

During the peak summer season (July and August) the Nyon telepherique runs every half an hour for pedestrians. There is a ticket office at the lift station and you can purchase your tickets here.

To get to the summit and back you will need a return ticket for both the telepherique and the chair lift. The telepherique will effortlessly whisk you up to the Nyon plateau halfway up the mountain.

Nyon telepherique that leaves from Morzine town

As you exit the lift a lovely alpine scene unveils itself in front of you. During the winter months this plateau is packed full of skiers taking a break from the slopes at one of the lovely restaurants.

plateau de nyon restaurant

You will see the chairlift running up to the top of the mountain ahead of you as you exit the lift station and you will want to head to the chairlift station which is down to your right hand side.

Taking the Chairlift

You’ll need to scan your ticket as you pass through the turnstile gate at the lift station before advancing to the automatically opening gate for the lift. It is a three seater chair lift and the lift assistant will instruct you as and when to get on the lift.

chairlift that goes up to the top of pointe de nyon

The lift doesn’t stop as it comes round so you simply just sit down as it passes beneath you. You’ll need to pull the safety bar down in front of you as you leave the station but then it’s simply a case of sitting back and enjoying the ride.

The chairlift passes over green high alpine pasture which is ski piste during the winter months. If you’re able to look back behind you the views of the Morzine valley and back down towards Lake Geneva are just fantastic.

the top of Pointe de Nyon chairlift with the mountain views

As you approach the top station of the lift, you will need to prepare to get off as again the lift will not stop. Just before you reach the station you will need to raise the safety bar and when you reach the platform simply stand yourself up and walk away from the lift down the ramp to your left.

The Viewing Platform

Follow the trail heading up the mountain and after a short 50m ascent you will reach the viewing platform.

Nyon viewing platform

The new feature was installed during the pandemic and opened to visitors for the first time during the summer season in 2021.

The 10 meter viewing platform branches out from the mountainside and has a glass floor at the end where you can look directly down to the valley floor. The viewing platform is 2019 meters above sea level and offers a truly fantastic 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains.

The Summit

After you’ve had your fix of adrenaline from the glass viewing platform it’s time to head for the summit.

Continuing up the trail from the viewing platform, the path gets steeper and more challenging. The trail is narrow and has loose rocky steps in places so take care as you climb up to the top.

After a flat (ish) traverse there is a wooden walking sign with two arrows on it, you’ll want to take the left fork which will take you up a steep twisty path to the summit.

At the top you’ll be greeted by yet more breathtaking views and an information board showing you all the surrounding peaks.

pointe de nyon top view to the mountains

Getting Back Down To The Farmhouse

Once you have taken in the views from the top and are ready to start heading back to The Farmhouse, it’s simply a case of retracing your steps, riding the two lifts back down and walking back along the river into town.

Due to the unique location and setting of The Farmhouse, it really is the perfect place to stay to explore the Nyon and all that Morzine has to offer. The Farmhouse is a stunning boutique hotel that is centrally located but quietly tucked away just a stone’s throw from the action. To see more on The Farmhouse click here.

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