Hiking La Bourgeoise In Morzine – A Short but Beautiful Walk

James | May 29th, 2021
La Bourgeoise hike in the French Alps with the view of the Mont Blanc

There are endless hiking routes in and around Morzine, from leisurely strolls along a river to multi-day expeditions. The Bourgeoise route is one of the easier hikes in the area but the views are one of the most spectacular.

With a short, relatively flat 30-40 minute hike from the carpark at the Col du Joux Plane, the view from the summit looks out across the beautiful Samoens valley and across to the snow capped peak of Mont Blanc, Eurpoes highest mountain.

Who Is This Hike Good For

The hike is easily accessible by car and due to its short distance, relatively flat gradient and breathtaking views it is a great walk for the whole family. The hike is a “there and back” type of walk rather than a loop or circuit and the viewpoint can easily be reached in around 30 minutes.

The route is clearly signposted from the carpark and is on a fairly level and wide path so this is a great option for people unable to take on more challenging routes.

When is Best To Hike The Bourgeoise

Due to its altitude and remote location, the walk is possible during the winter season but requires a lot more effort and some specialist equipment. Part of the road up to the start of the hike forms part of the ski area so this one is best saved for the summer months.

Summer Sunsets up at the Bourgeoise viewpoint are simply breathtaking. The golden light kissing the pastel greens and blues just before the sun disappears below the surrounding peaks is a thing of beauty.

The Bourgeoise viewpoint is also the perfect spot for a picnic so a mid morning walk and a stop for lunch is also a great option. If you don’t fancy a picnic there is also a wonderful restaurant by the lake at the carpark which is also a lovely little spot for some refreshment at the end of the walk.

couple hiking the bourgeoise from morzine

How To Get There

The best way to get to the start of the hike is to drive straight out of Morzine on Route des Nantes (the D354) which will take you directly to the summit. The road climbs steadily out of the village where the houses along the roadside begin to thin out and you pass through some lovely Alpine pasture at the Nyon plateau.

From here the road continues to gain altitude and enters the forest before climbing steeply through some hairpin turns to reach the first peak. Here the Col du Ranfolly forms a false summit, you’re not at the top just yet!

The road continues on and briefly heads downhill before crossing more pasture (ski piste in the winter) and climbs up and round to the Col du Joux Plane lake and summit. The small lake is on the left hand side of the road with the restaurant Le Relais des Vallees on the right. There is parking here and a little further down the road.

The Hike to La Bourgeoise

From the carpark at the lake follow the road downhill for about 100m past the restaurant and just as the road begins to bend round to the right there is a path and walking sign heading off to the left. Follow this path  crossing the little stream before bearing right.

The path becomes quite rocky underfoot as you ascend up and round following the contours of the mountain. After a short distance you will reach a couple of sharp bends in the path and you will round the corner of the mountain.

2 hikers walking on the path to la bourgeoise

Here  the majority of the climbing is done and the views open up in front of you. Simply continue on this path and it will take you all the way along to the viewpoint which is marked with a big wooden cross at an altitude of 1770m

Things To Do at The Summit

Well the obvious option is to take in the spectacular view that lies in front of you. The Samoens plateau stretches out below you on the valley floor and the surrounding mountains rise up all around culminating with the breathtaking Mont Blanc Massif. With their snow covered peaks glistening in the summer sun, they truly are a sight to behold. There is a handy information panel at the summit next to the cross which conveniently details all of the mountain peaks around you.

group of people watching sunset at la bourgeoise looking at the mont blanc

A picnic is always a good idea and that is especially true when hiking La Bourgeoise. What could be more enjoyable than resting your legs and tucking into some fresh baguette in an alpine paradise. The area around the viewpoint is spacious and pretty flat so you should have no trouble in finding the perfect picnic spot.

Take some epic photographs. With scenery this good it would be a travesty not to take some photographs to remember the occasion. Plus you’ll undoubtedly be the envy of your friends when you post them on social media.

Watch the paragliders take off. The Bourgeois viewpoint is a popular take off spot for paragliders. You may have seen them riding the thermals high above the village and wondered how they become airborne, well here you might get the chance to find out, and it’s quite the spectacle too!

Getting Back Down

Once you have taken in the views and are ready to head back down to Morzine, simply retrace your steps back down to the carpark. The drive back down is also the same as the way you came up so again it’s simply a case of going back the way you came.

This road is a popular cycling route and is steeped in Tour de France history. Having played host to many stages of the race over the years, the Col du Joux Plane is renowned for making or breaking riders. With that said, try to be mindful of cyclists coming up or down the road around you.

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