Things To See and Do At The Top Of Pleney Telecabine In Summer

James | September 2nd, 2021
view of the telecabine Pleney in Morzine from the top and mountains

Le Pleney is the closest and most accessible mountain in Morzine. It has spectacular 360 degree views and there is so much to see and do at the summit.

During the main summer season (late June to the end of August) the telecabine is open everyday to pedestrians and cyclists allowing quick and easy access to the summit.

A Short Walk To The Lift

Bearing right as you leave the lovely Farmhouse hotel, a short five minute walk through the charming alpine village centre will take you to the foot of the Pleney mountain. The lift station has a ticket office on the lower level of the station.

Here you will need to purchase a return ticket (unless you plan to take one of the beautiful walking routes back down the mountain where you will just need a slightly cheaper single way ticket) which will set you back just 6.50EUR per adult and 5.40EUR per child (summer 2021 prices).

Bottom of the pleney telecabine in the town of Morzine

Having bought your ticket you will need to come back out of the ticket office and head up and round the side of the lift station to the entrance. As you approach the lift there are two entrances, one for cyclists on the right hand side and one for walkers on the left.

The Pleney is very popular with mountain bikers and the cyclists queue is often far longer than the walkers. You will need to scan your ticket on the turnstyle and the lift attendant will instruct you which lift to get on.

Riding The Telecabine

Once inside the lift simply take a seat and enjoy the ride. The doors will close automatically as you leave the station so just sit back and relax. The ride to the summit takes approximately five minutes and the views keep getting better as the lift takes you higher.

Telecabine of the Pleney with the view of Morzine and mountains around

Arguably the view is better from the rear facing seats as the valley opens up in front of you but don’t worry if you get the forward facing seats the cabins have windows on all sides. As you approach the summit it can be a bit bumpy as the lift comes into the station but dont panic, it’s perfectly normal. The lift doors will open automatically as you come into the station at a point where you can simply walk out of the lift onto the platform.

Take In The View

Exiting the lift station we recommend you immediately take a left and head to the grassy area just next to the station. The view from this spot is simply spectacular and looks back down over Morzine and across the Prodains valley to the exposed cliff faces of Avoriaz and the summit of Ressachaux on the right.

Three Wonderful Restaurants

To the right of the lift station is the first of three options should you want to get some refreshments at the summit. This lovely little bar and restaurant has a sunny outdoor terrace where you can watch the world go by and enjoy some food or drinks. Anyone interested in mountain biking will particularly enjoy stopping here as you can watch the thousands of riders preparing to set off and tackle the technical descents down the mountain.

snack le pleney restaurant

If you fancy a little exercise and sightseeing before stopping for refreshments then take the track that heads up the mountain directly opposite the restaurant. This will take you to the very summit of the mountain and a wonderful viewpoint with 360 degree views of the surrounding mountain landscape.

orientation map at the top of pleney telecabine

After about 100m up this track if you take the right fork it will take you to the second of the three restaurant options. Le Nabor is a lovely little restaurant which is generally quieter than the one at the lift station and has wonderful views. From here you can look north towards the neighbouring village of Les Gets and the summit of Mont Chery. 

Restaurant du Nabor at the top of pleney telecabine

Continuing up the track will take you past the glass covered magic carpet lift that services the nursery slope that covers the walking track during the winter months. Once you’re past the top of the magic carpet lift bear slightly right and you’ll head up towards the viewpoint which has a useful map of the surrounding peaks so you can identify the summits around you. It is also possible, on a clear day, to see the summit of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain.

point of view at the top of pleney overlooking at all the mountains around

Carrying on the track from the viewpoint will take you up to the third and final restaurant option on the mountain top. Le Vaffieu is a wonderful place to stop and take in the mountain scenery. Serving traditional Savoyard cuisine and a range of typical lunch options in a lovely mountain chalet, it really is a great spot for lunch.

Le Vaffieu sits on the side of the lush green fairway of one of the holes of the Les Gets golf course, on a sunny day with the rich greens and blues, it’s hard to imagine that the surrounding area is all ski piste in the winter.

Le Vaffieu restaurant near the golf yard at the top of pleney telecabine

Descending The Mountain

The easiest way to get back down to Morzine is to head back the way you came to the lift station and let the telecabine do the hard work as you glide back down to the valley floor. Simply enter the station through the right hand turnstyle, scanning your ticket as you pass and get on the lift as it passes through the station.

Mountain biking down is obviously an option but you will need to come prepared with a bike, helmet, body armour and a good level of experience as there are no “easy” routes down Le Pleney (you will also need to purchase a bike pass for the lift).

Hiking down the mountain is also possible but you will need to be prepared as the route is long, loose and steep in places. Sturdy footwear, water and a good level of fitness are essential. The best route down is mostly loose stoney access road  with a short steep section of narrow trail through a gully in the forest. It’s a lovely walk but a map is recommended as the route is not well sign posted. 

The Farmhouse Is The Perfect Adventure Base

Due to the unique location and setting of The Farmhouse, it really is the perfect place to stay to explore the Pleney and all that Morzine has to offer.

Hotel in Morzine called The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is a stunning boutique hotel that is centrally located but quietly tucked away just a stone’s throw from the action. To see more on The Farmhouse click here.

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